101 Reasons to Quit: Why We Should Stop Smoking Today (PROOF)

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I smoked my final cigarette on 12 May 2019.

Shortly after, my loved ones have noticed a brighter and better skin complexion.

The lack of stamina while engaging in sports and day-to-day fatigued was blamed on aging but then I didn’t know how much smoking had impacted my overall energy level.

When I stop smoking, I have an abundance of energy to face each day. The huff-and-puff (while doing strenuous exercises or engaging in sports) was soon gone too.

Now, I could live my days happier and much more freely without the constant distraction of nicotine withdrawal.

As much as these benefits are awesome, there is one reason particularly reason stands out… and that is the way I look at myself (or define myself) and how it impacted my overall confidence level.

It was as if many years of lost confidence has finally been regained.

Today, I am going to share with you exactly 101 reasons why you should live a brand new life without cigarettes.

The goal of this article is to allow you to find a few reasons that will strike your chords more than others.

With that, you can focus on those few chords to assist you in your journey to being smoke-free. It is much easier to quit smoking by focusing on those that have the most impact on you. 

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Ready? Let’s go! 

101 Reasons to Quit - Why You Should Stop Smoking Today (PROOF) by Quit With Nerd


For a More Enjoyable Life

  1. Decrease Your Chances of Experiencing Depression.

People who smoke will not only dilate their blood vessels, they will also raise their blood pressure and allow many harmful chemicals to enter their body through inhalation. They can get headaches and other depressive feelings from smoking.

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  1. Improve Our Sleep Quality.

When we smoke, we can cause irritation of the nose and breathing passageways in the lungs, especially because of tar buildup. Without smoking byproducts in the body, we can breathe with ease, fall into deep sleep easier and feel much more rested.

  1. Engage People Without the Fear of Smelling Bad.

When people are around us in different social situations, they won’t back away because of the detestable and offensive tobacco smell on our clothes and breathe.

  1. Better Appreciation of Music… Not Just Ringing in Our Ears.

Smoking can cause our ears to be congested, and that makes it harder to appreciate music.

  1. Savor Our Foods More.

Smoking kills our taste buds and makes it less likely for us to enjoy foods. After being smoke-free for a little while, we will begin to realize that foods taste much better.

  1. Stop That Huffing and Puffing While Engaging in Sports.

Smoking causes inflammation of the bronchial passageways and makes us breathe more rapidly during exercise. Without smoking, we can excel more in every sport. Also, the carbon monoxide levels in our body decrease, which was a toxin that contributed to that huffing and puffing.

  1. Have More Enjoyable Vacations.

The people who travel with us will appreciate that we don’t have to smoke in the car or take smoke breaks during shared activities.

Apart from this, we will also have much more energy to participate (and appreciate) the tours, walks or/and hikes in our holidays more.

  1. Avoid Having Cold Hands and Feet.

Smoking causes our blood vessels to narrow, which leads to these sensations. This is especially uncomfortable if we are smoking outside during the colder months.

  1. Be Nagged Less by Our Loved Ones.

Kids especially have been exposed to messages everywhere that smoking is bad. So, when we stop, everyone in the family, as well as friends and coworkers, will have one less thing to bug us about.

  1. Stop Feeling Like a Social Outcast.

Many public and private facilities forbid smoking, which means we have to go far away from the building to light a cigarette. Miss fewer social events because we won’t be leaving the group just to satisfy our nicotine withdrawal.

  1. Have an Abundance of Energy.

Smoking makes it hard to sleep because our body is nervous, especially if we get up in the middle of the night to smoke. When we quit we will definitely start to sleep better, therefore, we will have an abundance of energy to face the day.

  1. Consume Less Coffee for the Same Effect.

The effect of caffeine doubles its impact once we stop smoking. That means we can consume 50% less caffeine for the exact same effect.

  1. Avoid Going Out to the Bitter Cold to Light a Cigarette.

Why head out to the bitter cold just to satisfy nicotine withdrawal when you can spend quality time cuddling with your loved ones indoors.

  1. Exhibit More Confidence to Deal With Other Problems.

When we quit smoking we will definitely feel proud of our achievement. If we can kick this nasty addiction, we can surely deal with other problems in our lives.

Quitting nicotine has proven to be the start of a domino effect that impacts every area of our life. For instance, the chances of us devoting time to healthy eating and exercising will increase exponentially.

  1. Feel More Able to Handle the Real Stresses of Life.

We have covered the abundance of energy we will experience once we quit smoking. With more energy, we can deal with the real stresses of life like juggling work in the office, handling difficult customers and managing our families better.

  1. Break Free From the Constant Nagging of Nicotine Withdrawal.

This is surely one of the biggest benefits we can look forward to. NO MORE constant distraction from nicotine withdrawal.

We aren’t affected by constant mood swings as we go through nicotine withdrawal and the opposite of the dopamine effect.

The reason we light up is to return to the default state of being a non-smoker (to curb our withdrawal pangs) so when we stop smoking, we are essentially going to feel great most of the time (no more withdrawal pangs).

  1. Live In The Present and Have Fewer Worries About The Future.

We don’t have to worry so much about getting the fix throughout the day or dying from lung cancer.

Instead of worrying about what may happen when we keep smoking, we can now devote our time to live in the here and now.

Every time you light up a cigarette, you are saying that your life isn't worth living. - 101 reasons to quit smoking

Replacing the smoke on your face with a smile today will replace illness in your life with happiness tomorrow. Click To Tweet

For a Good First Impression & More Attractive Outward Appearance

  1. Maintain a Better Facial Complexion.

There are over 4,000 harmful chemicals in tobacco cigarettes and they will no longer be anywhere near us to damage our complexion. We can surely expect our skin to improve in elasticity and softness after we quit smoking.

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  1. Help Our Body to Have Better Skin Condition

Our facial aging slows as well as the appearance of wrinkles. We can get more nutrients such as oxygen when we quit smoking. In addition, it can reverse lined complexion to smoother and younger-looking skin.

Tobacco smoke could make any visible skin feel less smooth, especially with rapid aging and decreased connective tissues.

  1. Prevent Dryness in the Scalp.

Smoking is not only toxic to our skin but also to our hair. After the detoxification phase, we can expect our scalp and hair to be way healthier.

  1. Maintain Healthier Nails.

When we quit smoking, there will be no more tar staining our nails or nail beds, which caused them to turn yellow and be less attractive.

  1. Dazzle Everyone With a More Beautiful Smile.

Yellow or brown teeth are results of smoking due to the presence of tar.

The stains on our teeth can be addressed after stopping. With improved circulation, we can also look forward to healthier gums and reduce the chances of tooth loss.

  1. Become Less Likely to Develop Dandruff.

Our scalp will be healthier because chemicals and toxins are not being absorbed by our hair as we exhale smoke.

  1. Develop a Sexier Voice.

Smoking irritates the vocal cords.

Due to frequent irritation, our voice becomes raspier over time. When we stop, we can look forward to regaining our natural voice which sounds infinitely sexier than a distorted one.

  1. Maintain a Brighter Mood.

The nicotine contained in cigarettes promotes dopamine production, which creates a positive feeling.

While this temporary high makes us feel good, it’s usually followed by a crash, just like coming down from caffeine.

Without spikes in our mood, we can feel more even-keeled throughout the day, enjoying more positive feelings not caused by chemicals.

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  1. Appear More Attractive To Our Crush.

Our facial complexion, hair, skin, and nails will look way better when we quit smoking. Combine with the increased energy level plus eating healthier foods, we will no doubt appear more vibrant to our crush.

  1. Smell Infinitely Better.

Without the awful tobacco smell, our natural smell combined with perfumes or essential oils will be easier for others to detect.

If we wash our hair and use lotion or aftershave, people can surely notice the pleasant aroma thereby making us appear more attractive to the people around us. This will also certainly increase our confidence level and the way we feel about ourselves.

  1. Reduce the Likelihood of Having Premature Gray Hair.

By stopping smoking and slowing early aging processes, we would not be likely to develop gray hair prematurely.

  1. Prevent Hair Loss and Baldness.

There is no debate that smoking damages our hair follicles and scalp. When we stop smoking, the likelihood of us having serious hair loss and going bald is reduced significantly.

  1. Look Younger Than Our Actual Age & Have Fewer Wrinkles.

Additives and chemicals contained in tobacco damage our skin more than we know. Usually, it makes our skin appear more grayish or yellow.

Wrinkles will appear sooner because aging skin loses its flexibility and suppleness.

Combined with drinking plenty of water, our skin will regain its ability to moisturize itself more effectively when we stop smoking.

The key is focusing on the positive. Build up the good things in your life and the smoking will go away by itself.

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For the Top 7 Common Health-Related Issues Caused by Cigarettes

  1. Lung Cancer

Chronic inhalation of hundreds of harmful chemicals will increase our chances of lung cancer. Smoking damages cells in the lining of each lung without a doubt.

When we stop, our lungs can recuperate by not being inflamed anymore.

Moreover, our lungs’ cilial cells can be more effective and efficient at removing dust particles and other harmful things we inhaled in the air.

  1. Heart Disease

Smoking damages the lining of blood vessels by causing them to be more sticky and likely to clot. Smokers also get more plaque buildup in their blood vessels, thereby increasing the chances of incurring heart disease.

  1. Diabetes

Because smoking causes oxidative stress and inflammation, smokers are extremely high at risk of developing diabetes.

If you have diabetes, being exposed to high amounts of nicotine makes insulin less effective, which is a chemical that you need to lower your blood sugar.

  1. Liver Cancer

The liver doesn’t get directly exposed to cigarette smoke, but the indirect toxic effects of over 4,000 chemicals can cause cancer of the liver.

There are also negative effects of smoking on the liver’s ability to fight harmful infections.

  1. Tuberculosis

With inflammation in the lungs, the body is more vulnerable to disease, especially if we are directly exposed to a person carrying tuberculosis.

  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis

The effects on the immune system of tobacco toxins are many. If we have an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis whereby our body attacks its own cells, then the inflammation caused by smoking will only worsen the matter.

  1. Colorectal Cancer

Our cells are damaged by the many dangerous chemicals found in cigarettes.

Smoking also makes it harder to fight disease. Therefore, those cells in our colon and rectum that were damaged by smoking are less likely to have an immune response to tumor cells.

This makes our body less effective in fighting off colorectal cancer.

Thousands of people stop smoking a day – by dying from it.

A cigarette says: Today you turn me into ashes, but tomorrow is my turn. Click To Tweet
Use Apps to Assist Us
We can leverage free quit smoking apps to assist us in our journey to being smoke-free. Check out the top 20 FREE quit-smoking apps here.

For Your Overall Health

  1. Lesser or No More Constant Smoker’s Cough.

Our lungs will gradually regain its ability to heal itself when we stop feeding our bodies tar, nicotine and other additives that caused aggregation.

With that, our lungs will function better and we don’t need the constant cough to get rid of the poison chemicals we inhaled into our bodies.

  1. Preserve Healthy Eyesight.

There is a greater risk of age-related macular degeneration, dry eye, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataracts in smokers.

Preserving healthy eyesight is one of the many overall health benefits we can look forward to.

  1. Preserve Our Sense of Smell.

Smoking plagues and harms our nasal passages, often causing inflammation that has a direct impact on our sense of taste and smell.

  1. Reduce Our Chance of Having Acid Reflux.

Smoking damages the tissues that line our esophagus and increases the risk of developing esophageal cancer.

We need a healthy esophageal tract to preserve saliva production to digest food effectively because much of digestion occurs before food hits our stomach.

  1. Become Less Likely to Develop Crohn’s Disease.

If we don’t have the right balance of good bacteria in our gut, we are more likely to develop a bowel disease.

Smoking reduces our ability to fight infections in the gut and affects the appetite that may entice us not to eat healthy sources of probiotics (like yogurt or kimchi).

  1. Have Much Stronger Bones.

Remember, smoking wrecks havoc to cells in all areas of the body, either directly or indirectly.

Without toxic chemicals in our blood, our bone density should improve and be healthier.

  1. Decrease the Risk of Developing Psoriasis.

Due to constant inflammation caused by smoking, we have a higher risk of getting this autoimmune disease, which causes our body to attack its own skin cells.

  1. We Are Less Likely to Suffer From Hearing Loss.

Protecting our ears by keeping the aural canals free of harmful chemicals is the best way to prevent premature hearing loss.

Constant contact with tobacco chemicals might cause inflammation that increases the chance of developing hearing loss.

  1. Maintain a Better Immune System to Fight Off Illnesses.

Inflammation and toxic levels of chemicals in the blood will no doubt weaken our immune system.

Our bodies can only do so much at once. We are essentially sending our immune system to fight on all fronts (instead of focusing on one area at a time) when we are consistently inviting harmful additives and chemicals into our bodies.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Developing Cervical Cancer.

A woman who smokes is twice as likely to get this type of cancer as opposed to a woman who has stopped smoking. This is due to damage in the DNA of the cervical cells.

  1. Enjoy a Better Memory.

Without toxins in our body, our brain can perform at expected levels.

Combining with enough sleep, we can also retain information for a longer period of time.

  1. We Are Less Likely to Get Injured During Sports or While Exercising.

We are more alert (and less inflamed) when engaging in strenuous activities. This reduces the risk of mistakes and carelessness thereby reducing the overall risks of us getting hurt in a game.

In moments when we do get injured, we are less likely to develop serious internal damages that are related to a body often in oxidative stress.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Contracting Bladder Cancer.

Smokers are four to seven times more likely to develop bladder cancer. Quitting reduces our risk of contracting this painful cancer immediately.

  1. Lower Our Chances of Having a Stroke.

Tar and other chemicals found in tobacco are notorious in clogging our arteries by plaquing or causing the blood vessels to thicken. This increases the odds of developing blood clots.

When we quit, our blood can flow better and with ease throughout the body.

  1. Become Less Likely to Die of a Brain Tumor.

Inflammation of the brain places us more at risk of developing a tumor.

If we present with a tumor in the brain, our body will have a much harder time fighting it.

Smoking cessation reduces our risk of getting many kinds of tumors and cancers almost right away!

A cigarette is the only consumer product which when used as directed kills its consumer.

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For Love and Intimacy

  1. Go for The Kiss – Our Breath Will No Longer Stink as Much.

Tobacco-free breath smells infinitely more pleasant. This makes us more confident to go for the kiss and stay in it longer without the awkward feeling.

Of course, we would still need basic hygiene like mouthwash, toothpaste, and dental floss for this to work at its best.

  1. Get to Cuddle and Hug Longer Because We Are Less Stinky.

I used to take a girl who resented the smell of cigarettes. Needless to say, it was uncommon for us to have an intimate connection.

We seldom cuddle in bed or have our hands on each other while watching a movie and this ultimately led to the inevitable break up.

She was an awesome lady and everything was good except for the fact I was a smoker and she hated it.

Now that I’m a non-smoker, I totally resent the smell of cigarettes too so I can absolutely understand how she felt back then.

Quitting will definitely help you be less conscious of how you smell and be more open to having an intimate connection with your significant other.

  1. Get Dumped Less.

Believe it or not, relationships got destroyed, families were torn apart, boyfriend/girlfriend got dumped because of the nasty addiction to nicotine.

Quitting will reduce our odds of getting dump by our loved one (or future partner).

  1. Have Fewer Quarrels Over Our Addiction.

We won’t need to fight with family members or people who are dear to us to justify our needs to serve our nicotine addiction any longer.

Instead, we can devote our energy to meaningful activities together.

  1. Increase Sexual Desire.

Many studies have concluded that smoking has a direct impact on our sexual moods and desires.

The fact that smoking tobacco cigarettes reduce our blood flow efficiency may cause us to be less sexually aroused.

  1. Prevent Impotency in Men.

As mentioned previously, when we have poor blood flow it may cause erectile dysfunction and sexual dissatisfaction.

We can surely look forward to more adventurous sexual bedtime ‘events’ when we quit smoking. Winks*

  1. Have a Stronger Erection.

With improved blood flow due to cessation, we can go at it faster and harder with stronger erection that could last longer than we were still smoking.

The chances of us grasping for air during mid intercourse is significantly reduced too.

This is essentially killing 5 birds with one stone. No pun intended. 

  1. Heighten Testosterone.

Smoking has a direct cause of early aging due to ongoing tissue damage. This could potentially lower our testosterone production.

A reduce in testosterone level could make us more prone to depression and could cause us to feel more tired easily. One of the main causes of fatigue is low testosterone levels.  

  1. Increase the Attractiveness of Your Online Dating Profile.

We are not in the 1930s or 1940s era when smoking was considered ‘normal’ or ‘cool’ (believe it or not, it was once promoted as healthy too).

We are in the 21st century when smoking is longer the ‘in’ but the ‘out.’

Smokers have the disadvantage of dating hot partners who resented smoking.

As for me, I don’t swipe right or initiate a chat with girls who are currently smoking.

By substituting our profile status from ‘smoker’ to ‘non-smoker’ we have essentially increased our attractiveness by quite a bit thereby increasing our odds in landing a hot date.

  1. Increase Sperm Count.

Improved blood flow and decreased inflammation will increase our sperm production rate after cessation.

  1. Decrease Our Chances of Having Premature Ejaculation.

We have less control over the ejaculation mechanism if our body is not functioning optimally.

With healthy circulation, we tend to perform better by having increased stamina.

Quitting also reduces our risk of obesity which is also one of the primary causes of diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

Life’s vibrant hues are way too beautiful and precious to be distorted by the smoke of cigarettes.

Smokers, male and female, inject and excuse idleness in their lives every time they light a cigarette Click To Tweet

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For Your Family And Loved Ones

  1. Clean Up Our Children’s Lungs.

Exposure to secondhand smoke (especially to children) has proven to cause asthma and chronic cough. This results in a decreased immune system to fight off illnesses.

Passive smoke can also make children at risk of chest illnesses such as croup, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

Children are three times at risk of acquiring lung cancer in their later lives as compared to those who live with non-smokers.

  1. Prevent Our Pet(s) From Falling Ill.

Like our kids, pets can get sick from secondhand smoke too. Smoking doesn’t only harm us but the living things around us.

  1. Eliminate the Exposure of Secondhand Smoke to People Closest to Us.

Friends, roommates, coworkers, and people we care about in our social circle will be extremely grateful when we stop smoking. This makes everyone happy.

Passive smoke increases the risk of lung cancer, stroke, heart disease, and other illnesses.

  1. Set a Good Example of Our Kid(s).

We don’t want our kids to grow up to develop any addiction, which brings many health problems, psychological issues and increases the risk for many other diseases.

  1. Give Our Whole Family a Deeper Sleep.

Breathing in secondhand smoke will cause our loved ones to not fall into a deep sleep as much as we like due to the stimulant effects of nicotine other additives contained in cigarettes.

When we quit, everyone around us gets better quality sleep.

  1. Help Everyone in the Household Go to the Doctor Less Often Due to Improved Immune System.

Without those harmful toxins, everyone including ourselves will feel better and have better chances of fighting off illness with a stronger immune system.

  1. Improve the Chances of Your Spouse/Partner Quitting.

We spend a lot of time with our spouse so we have more influence on them than we think.

When we quit, our spouse or partner will be more likely to follow the path we took since there are fewer cues and temptations for them to light up.

Although, this usually happens gradually rather than immediately.

  1. Spend More Quality Time With Family Instead Of Having to Take a Puff Every 30 Minutes.

During family time, we don’t have to go out of the house every now and then to serve our nicotine addiction.

There will be no addiction controlling us hence we can spend more consistent quality time with our loved ones.

If people don’t love themselves enough to cut down on their smoking, they may love someone else enough to do it.

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For More Financial Control & Freedom.

  1. Save on Average of $200 or More Per Month.

If you are smoking on average of 20 cigarettes per day then you can look forward to saving around $200 per month or $1,400 annually.

These funds could be reinvested to make more money for you or could be spent on experiences or adventures with your loved ones.

  1. Invest in a More Affordable Insurance Plan.

Many insurance plans charge premiums to smokers and certain providers will not cover people who smoke.

Quitting will surely save us on undue expenses that could amount to A LOT of money with each passing year.

  1. Save Money on Breath Refreshers.

I have friends who literally buy boxes of breath refreshers just for the purpose of smelling nicer. If you are one who invests a lot in these treats, you can look forward to saving an extra $5 on average every week.

  1. Enjoy More Job Options (and Find Higher-Paying Jobs).

The fact that smoking causes us to take more breaks (and take more sick days) gives employers many reasons not to hire us in the first place.

Quitting has also proven to increase our job varieties and salaries.

  1. Decrease the Likelihood of Crashing or Damaging Our Car.

Having a cigarette on one hand and handling the sterling wheel with the other is one of the primary causes of road accidents.

We will also be less likely to damage our car’s air-conditioning system and cause unglamorous burn holes in our backseats.

  1. Save Money on Dry Cleaning.

When we quit smoking, we will not often place ourselves in smoky places. This means our clothes would smell better so we can save money on dry cleaning to clear off the tobacco odor.

  1. Take Fewer Trips to the Dentist.

Our teeth and gums will be healthier and more resistant to cavity-causing bacteria. This will not cause us to visit the (painful and expensive) dentist every so often.

  1. Make Fewer Visits to the Doctor.

We will also be visiting the doctors less often because of our improved immune system. With fewer toxins in our bodies, we are better equipped to fight illnesses and diseases on our own.

  1. Reduce the Need to Go for Nail Treatments As Often.

Our nails will retain their natural appearance. They will be less likely to prematurely age, which causes frequent breaking due to brittle or dry surfaces.

  1. Spend Less Money on Car and House Maintenance.

We would not have to spend money or precious time cleaning our car, linens, or furniture quite as much with no cigarette smoke damaging or causing bad odors.

  1. Get More Valuable Work Done.

With less distraction from the constant nagging of withdrawal, we will much more energy and focus to get work done that will make us money.

  1. Invest All of These Savings to Make More Money.

It is difficult to live a life of financial freedom when we are not investing at all or enough.

Quitting allows us to have immediate cash to invest… and this could possibly allow us to be a tad richer than before.

Not only will giving up cigarettes put more money in your pocket, your body will thank you for it.

Smoking is a habit that drains your money and kills you slowly, one puff after another. Click To Tweet

For Pregnancy and Your Baby

  1. Increase Chances of Conceiving.

When you stop smoking and decide to have a child, it can be easier to get pregnant as compared to smokers.

Studies have shown that infertility is doubled in smokers.

Quitting can improve the womb’s lining, as well as allow the sperm of men to be more potent. It also increases the chances of conceiving through IVF and reduces the possibility of miscarriage. Moreover, quitting improves the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby.

  1. Maintain Healthier Ovaries.

Cigarette toxins may cause ovaries to prematurely age and decrease the overall number of eggs in them.

  1. Strengthen Your Reproductive Function.

All of your bodily organs, including the reproductive system, can function better if they are not being exposed by oxidative stress or inflammation.

  1. Have a Much Healthier Pregnancy.

Your baby will be more at risk for premature birth and other defects with the constant inhalation of poison chemicals contain in tobacco cigarettes (be it through smoking or secondhand smoke).

  1. Lower the Risk of Having a Child With Low Birth Weight.

Smoking increases the mother’s risk of having a child born under 5 pounds, even at full term.

  1. Prevent Premature Birth.

Many health risks are associated with premature birth and mothers who cease smoking can most surely prevent the odds of this happening.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Having a Miscarriage.

Many lifestyle habits have been a correlation to the risks of having a miscarriage including drinking, drug abuse, and smoking.

By quitting you reduce complications and the chances of having a miscarriage.

A chemical content lessens the oxygen levels in the body and affects the supply from mother to child causing stillbirth or death of the fetus inside the womb.

  1. Have a Normal Menopause Onset Instead of an Early One.

Smoking has been shown to increase the chance of entering this period of female development much earlier than expected.

Once a female completes menopause, she will soon unable to bear children.

Smoking: It ruins your life, her life, and their lives.

Health is not everything, but without health, everything else is nothing. Click To Tweet

For Environment and Society

  1. Increase Our Nation’s Productivity.

Because we are healthier, we will call in lesser sick days and that will surely increase production and output.

Health is one of the biggest expenses every country faces.

By quitting, we will decrease our reliant on government’s support for medical issues related to smoking thus saving tax payer’s money.

These extra funds could be invested in education, R&D, basic human needs and other important infrastructures to increase our nation’s productivity.

  1. Save Trees to Prevent Deforestation for Tobacco Plantations.

Tobacco plantation is one of the biggest causes of global deforestation.

When we quit, we will no longer contribute (whether directly or indirectly) to deforestation. This could surely make our world a little greener.

  1. Save Water By Washing Your Clothes Less Often.

When we don’t have the detestable smell of smoke on our clothes we will be less likely to wash them often. This would no doubt save precious freshwater. A resource that is getting lesser as we speak.

  1. Decrease the Output of Carbon Monoxide.

When we exhale cigarette smoke, we release carbon monoxide into the air. This is extremely harmful to both the environment and to the people closed to us.

  1. Demote the Sordid Animal Testing Common to Research.

We would be surprised how many experiments are performed each year on innocent animals to understand the effects of smoking.

  1. Produce Less Litter.

Cigarette butts are NOT biodegradable. In fact, they are the most common form of plastic litter in the world.

Globally more than 4.5 trillion cigarette butts make their way into our environment every year (this is disastrous).

  1. Reduce Total Pollution on Soil, Beaches, and Waterways.

Throwing cigarettes butts on the ground will cause pollution by being carried, as runoff, to waterways, drains and from there to rivers, beaches, and oceans.

  1. Decrease the Chances of Wildfire Caused By Lit Cigarettes and Lighters.

Lit cigarettes remain the main suspect for the contribution to wildfire. Many studies have shown that fire caused by cigarettes is the primary factor of fire disasters and death worldwide.

This amount to the cost of over $27 billion annually.

  1. Save Animals’ Lives (and Prevent Them From Consuming Cigarette Butts).

They may consume the cigarette butts directly or through the contaminated ground indirectly. Either way, toxic cigarette butts are extremely unhealthy for animals.

  1. Increase Vegetation, Farming, and Livestock Quality.

We can reduce cigarette waste in nature and in the landfill which is much better for local crops and livestock.

Plants and vegetation can grow in a cleaner and more fertilized ground instead of a contaminated one caused by cigarette butts.

Tar the roads, not your lungs.


I hope you have found yourself enough reasons to quit smoking.

It is imperative you find a few reasons that speak deeply to you so you can reinforce them whenever you need a boost of inspiration.

Thanks for reading. 

I hope I have been of service. 

Jeremiah Say

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