95% of smokers are NOT happy when they stop smoking… Here’s why

It is pretty easy to abstain from smoking for a few days (all you need is a little willpower).

However, it gets more difficult with each day because your willpower is not infinite. It depletes faster than you think. 

Finally, it comes to a day where all you can think about is having a cigarette. You cannot focus on whatever you are doing at the moment.

You shiver at night fantasizing about having a cigarette but you promised yourself you will never smoke again. As a result, you find it impossible to enjoy life without your ‘crutch.’

One night, after 3 hours of turning back and forth, you finally ask yourself, “what’s the point of quitting when life is so difficult?”

You don’t have a clear answer but you think to yourself: “I’d rather live a short enjoyable life than a long and miserable one.”

At that moment, you went out of the room and light a cigarette. There goes another cold-turkey attempt.

The purpose of telling you this is because I’ve seen 2 groups of ex-smokers (or smokers depending on your perspective) all my life.

The first group is like what I’ve just described to you. This is self-imposed torture and the recipe for dark depression.

The second group doesn’t mope about not having a cigarette. On the contrary, they are genuinely happy to stay smoke-free. This group enjoys all the wonderful benefits of being a non-smoker and has no intention of ever wanting to smoke again.

To put it simply, the first group is NOT happy to be a non-smoker while the second group is.

So here we have 2 groups of people trying to achieve the same result but with totally different outcomes. What gives?

The truth is, it is easy to stop smoking. Every smoker has done it at least once in their smoking life.

But it is a little more challenging to be in group 2 when one is genuinely ecstatic and happy to be smoke-free.

So basically what I do at Quit With Nerd is to help smokers move from group 1 to group 2 where they could rejoice and enjoy all the awesome benefits of becoming a HAPPY non-smoker.

This project means everything to me because merely shifting a person from group 1 to 2 can impact a person’s life in ways you and I cannot imagine.

This is why I do what I do. 

Why I Declared War with Nicotine

The fact that you are reading this proves that you are keen on kicking nicotine addiction

I was a slave to the nicotine bully for 17 long years.

As a nerd, I hated bullies my whole life but to this day I have never met a human bully who is as cunning or as deceitful as nicotine bully. 

Closed to one billion people fall into this trap every day:

Furthermore, this bully is the main culprit of more than 8,000,000 deaths every single year. 

Adolf Hitler was responsible for about 50,000,000 deaths during his reign in World War II.

The death caused by nicotine addiction was around 80,000,000 in just a decade.

If we raged with anger reading history books then why are we not raging or boiling with anger with the above statistics?

Mind you these are not fantasies… these are non-fiction based on hard evidence and facts.

Behind Quitwithnerd.com

Look at me as a nerd supporter who will be here for you 24/7 in your journey to better health without all the rah-rah.

I write from experience because I was an addict myself.

I believe in cutting out all the bullshit and share only what I think is important and useful to you.

Jeremiah Say is the name and I started quitwithnerd.com in June 2019.

I started smoking at a very ripe age of 12-year-old. Read my story here.

Perhaps, like you, I didn’t quit on the first try and definitely not the second or third. I tried many times and failed many times… more times than I can count for 17 consecutive years.

Quick facts: 

First cigarette Somewhere in 2002
Last cigarette 12 May 2019 
Started Quitwithnerd.com – 1 June 2019

The biggest success I had was in 2014 when I maxed out my will-power and finally went cold-turkey only to relapse 6 months later.

I was disgusted with myself because I kept failing over and over.

I told myself: “This will be my last cigarette” (sounds familiar?) for close to 2 decades only to smoke again days or just a few hours later (not even exaggerating).

I had done a lot of researches on how to quit smoking, I had put myself through countless experiments – I basically used myself as a lab rat to see what works and what doesn’t.

Finally, it came to a point that I had this epiphany, perhaps all my experimenting, trying and failing serve a deeper purpose after all.

That was the only inspiration I needed to start this website.

This website is not about me; it is about you. 

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