Jeremiah Say

I make an effort to read every email that comes my way. However, that does not mean I will reply to everyone.

Do NOT expect a reply if you are going to: 

  • Sell me thing(s) or invite me to be an affiliate of your service/product
  • Ask if I am interested in your service – probably not
  • Send me a long email – dive straight-to-the-point works better for me
  • Ask me questions that have already been answered on the site – make use of the search feature on the top right

I would appreciate you contacting me if you: 

  • Find any broken links on my site – please include links whenever necessary. This will help me work more efficiently to update the broken links.
  • Find an error or misleading information on my site – go easy on me, I am not perfect. But I promise that I am open to change and improvement.
  • Are looking to collaborate with me to reach more people – feel free to preach, I am all ears.
  • Have a testimony to share – I would love to read your success story. It is what keeps me going.

Here are my email addresses: