Nicotine Addiction: Why Do We Enjoy Smoking So Much? (EXPLAINED)

Most of us were naive and started smoking for a variety of stupid reasons. I started smoking as a way of rebelling and displaying independence.

But the only reason that keeps us smoking for years, decades or even a lifetime later, whether we know it consciously or unconsciously, is to satisfy our nicotine addiction.


Nicotine Addiction - Why Do People Seem to Enjoy Smoking so Much - EXPLAINED

It does not matter if you are a heavy or a ‘casual’ smoker, we smoke to satisfy this nicotine bully who has no means of being fully satisfied.

The more you give in, the more he demands. 

You can smoke 100 cigarettes a day and he still wants more.

That is just the bloody nature of nicotine addiction. 

Any other reasons we give ourselves is to merely justify our needs for smoking.

As smokers, the first step we can take today is to accept the fact that we are addicted to nicotine and stop telling ourselves lies. Things we say like:

  • “I love the taste of tobacco”
  • “Smoking relaxes me”
  • “Helps me to think better”

Are all lies that this bully wants you to have.

Think about it. It makes sense.

Because as long as you are giving yourself reasons to smoke, you are going to serve this bully indefinitely.

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The Big Bully: Nicotine

To satisfy our nicotine craving is like playing a game that we are bound to lose for sure. The craving says “feed me or I will go berserk.” And what do we do? We light up another cigarette without even knowing why.

Because withdrawal is so mild, most of our lives we are not even aware we are addicted to nicotine. Click To Tweet

This is NOT real pleasure. It is slavery. 

Smoking is a DRUG ADDICTION.

This is the power of nicotine. To be exact, this is the power of the lies of nicotine.

Like I mentioned in my first post, the more subtle an addiction; the more dangerous it is.

In fact, this subtle addiction has caused more than 8,000,000 deaths per year.

Just because withdrawal is mild does not mean nicotine is not dangerous. Nicotine makes a formidable enemy because of its subtlety.
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Smoking is a trap and you don’t decide to fall into a trap because traps are designed to ensure you remain in them.

Read on for more examples.

Why Do People Enjoy Smoking?

We are strong-willed people. We don’t like to look at ourselves as weak. Therefore, sometimes it is hard for us to admit that we are addicted or slave-driven by certain things.

You can also say that we are quite an egoistic creature.

Often times, when the truths are hard for us to face, we may think that the only logical thing to do is to tell ourselves lies to justify our actions.

Most smokers believe they enjoy smoking but the truth is… we will enjoy life much more without any toxic in our bodies.

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Below are four common ‘reasons’ smokers will justify their needs for smoking:

  • “I am bored”
  • “I want to have better concentration”


  • “I am stress”
  • “I just want to relax”

Today I can understand why my non-smoking friends looked at me with their eyes-wide opened when I told them these ‘reasons’ years ago.

Think about it… It just doesn’t make sense.

There is no way a drug can relieve your boredom by providing a distraction now can suddenly help you to concentrate by removing that distraction 45 minutes later.

It is a contradiction.

It is an oxymoron. 

To put it simply, it is a lie.

Accept the truth for what it is. We smoke because we are addicted to nicotine. Not because of those ‘reasons.’

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Smoking does not give us any real pleasure. Click To Tweet

If so, then…

Why Do You Smoke?

Do you wish you never lighted up that first cigarette?


Do you wish to stop now?


These are usually the answers.

All smokers wish they never started. Yet they all wish to continue.

A smoker will appear like he/she is enjoying it but the truth is that they are suffering on the insidepsychologically and physically.

There is nothing to envy about that.

No one in the right mind would enjoy spending half of their lives wishing they could smoke and the other half wishing they didn't. Click To Tweet
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How About Those Who Love the Taste or Smell of Tobacco?

This is another lie.

I was an advocate of a particular brand of menthol cigarettes.

In fact, I will never smoke any other brands or other kinds of cigarettes that include red, roll-ups, pipes, cigars, etc.

I remember once when I was out in the forest training while serving in the army – when smoking was an absolute ‘luxury’ – all of us had no cigarettes and one of my colleagues had the audacity to smuggled loose tobaccos for roll-ups.

A few smokers and I were looking for opportunities to smoke. We went so far as to plan a diversion for our superiors so we could sneak away for 10 minutes to get some quick puffs.

Mind you… this was done by an advocate of menthol cigarettes who promised himself never to smoke any other kind of cigarettes. 

We went through all the trouble – with a risk of severe consequence – and for what?

Let me tell you…

For a mere roll-up that could be shared among 4 hungry nicotine addicts.

This isn’t the kind of story I would be proud to tell my grandkids. 

The moral of this story is that smokers will NOT stop smoking if they can’t find their preferred brand.

They would smoke anything than to deprive themselves of something they think they enjoy.

Saying that you love the taste and smell is just a nicer way of saying: “I want to serve my nicotine addiction” without sounding like an addict.

The Good News About Getting Addicted to Nicotine

Be thankful that you are addicted to nicotine and not any other kind of drugs that have serious withdrawal effects.

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Although nicotine is an extremely addictive drug due to its velocity, you are never truly hooked on the drug itself. 

Because it is so fast-acting, nicotine also leaves our body expeditiously.

The moment you put off your final cigarette it takes only 8 hours to be 97% nicotine free and just 3 days to be 100% nicotine free according to this study.

If you are interested to find out more, check out this timeline: 

Quit Smoking Timeline Infographic (Quit with Nerd)
Quit Smoking Timeline
What Happens After You Quit
Learn more about the health benefits of quitting here.

Recovery begins right away after your final cigarette.

Your pulse rates return to normal just after 20 minutes and the chance of you getting a heart attacked is reduced by 50% after just 24 hours.

Getting through nicotine withdrawal is fast and easy! The biggest challenge is the battle with your mind.

Smokers Go Through Nicotine Withdrawal Their Entire Lives

As an ex-smoker, I thought that the only time I suffered through nicotine withdrawal was when I couldn’t smoke or when I was trying to quit.

Little did I know that I had face nicotine withdrawal throughout my entire smoking life.

Till today, I am one of those who needs to sleep 9-10 hours per day to function at his optimal level.

I refrained from smoking at home and in the car. It was common for me to go 12-14 hours without lighting up a cigarette.

At this point, my body was more than 90% nicotine-free (see the infographic above again) which means I was in withdrawal all the while.

But the truth about nicotine withdrawal is that it is SO MILD I didn’t even notice the ‘withdrawal.’

Perhaps, I felt a little empty or a little irritated but that’s about it.

My point is that if you are a smoker, you have probably already undergone withdrawal throughout your smoking life without you noticing at all.

If wanting-to-pee or having bad dreams woke you up more than nicotine withdrawal did… then quitting will NOT be a big problem for you.

If that is the case then…

Why Is It So Difficult to Break Nicotine Addiction?

Coping with nicotine withdrawal is a piece of cake by comparison with what I’m about to share next.

What makes quitting difficult are the:

  • Beliefs we have for smoking
  • Fear that our lives will never quite be the same after we quit

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Smokers are well aware of the many disadvantages… we kept lighting up anyway because we thought there is something intrinsically pleasurable about it.

When we stop smoking, we believe that we are discarding something of ‘value.’ We think that our lives will never be the same without cigarettes.

It is this belief and fear that makes quitting so bloody difficult. 

When you become the master of your mind, you are master of everything.

Swami Satchidananda

Is It Possible to Quit Smoking Enjoyably?

The keyword is ‘enjoyable.

And yes, you can!

It is not only possible; it is easy!

Smoking does absolutely nothing so there is no reason for you to smoke at all.

I know this is easier said than done but as soon as you understand it… you’ll be wondering why quitting has to be difficult at all.

Since the title of this article is about nicotine addiction, I want to be concise.

The fact that you are reading this means you are serious about kicking this addiction… and with that, I’m thankful and happy for you.

I hope you have gained something.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you any questions by commenting below. You can also contact me here

Share this post with anyone whom you think might benefit or enjoy this.

I hope I have been of service. 

Thanks for giving me the opportunity.

Jeremiah Say

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