Will Life Be Boring or Different After We Quit Smoking? (POSSIBLE)

Will Lives Be Boring or Different After We Quit Smoking (POSSIBLE) Featured Image (edited)

When it comes to our thoughts and imagination, anything and everything is possible.

Nevertheless, it can be a blessing or a curse; it depends on what we choose to think or focus on.

Will Lives Be Boring or Different After We Quit Smoking (POSSIBLE) by Quit With Nerd (edited)

The Reality of Quitting

In reality, there is so much to celebrate and be happy about when we stop smoking.

However, we also hold the key to sabotaging ourselves and our successes. Speaking in general; not just in the case of smoke cessation. 

We are blessed to have absolute freedom of thought, we can think, focus or imagine whatever the hell we want but if we are not careful, our thoughts can also cause devastating harm.

Let me be clear on this:

Your life will definitely be different after you stop smoking.

But whether it is a boring life or a life filled with excitement depends on how you perceive cigarettes.

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You Can Still Fall Into The Trap After You Stop Smoking

In previous posts, I wrote about the lies of nicotine and how subtle the trap is. If you are keen, read this and this.

Our enemy is extremely cunning and if we are not careful, the lies of nicotine have the potential to dominate our lives even after we have stop smoking for many months.

In order to make sure our enemy is completely annihilated, we have to cut off his head by changing our perception of him.

This is the only way to make sure he does not continue to dominate us or move around in our imaginations.

The best way to fight our enemy is to know his tricks.

Once we know how he operates, dealing with him is extremely easy! 

I know all about our enemy and how he works.

I have a ton of useful information to share with you.

Let’s fall-in and gather.

It is time to plan our counteroffensive and launch a reciprocation attack. Let’s bring this fight straight back to him.

Bloody nicotine bully.

How Will Life Be Different After You Quit Smoking

As long as we think smoking gives us ‘pleasure,’ we will NEVER be a happy non-smoker.
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As I said, life can be on either spectrum and it all depends on how much you know this enemy.

The reason why we think life is boring after we quit is mainly due to fear. The fear of missing out on something (or commonly known as FOMO).

But there’s nothing to fear because there is nothing to give up. There is no real pleasure or enjoyment associated with smoking tobacco. 

If you can’t help but think that you are giving up on something then I suggest that you focus on the fact that you are giving up feeding a fair amount of toxic and poison to your body.

I’m not asking you to chant positive affirmations, I’m asking you to accept the fact.

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After you stop, you will NO LONGER put your body and health in such a taxing position. This is the truth. Even hardcore smokers can’t argue with this fact. 

Need more? 

How about also focus on the fact that you are giving up a lifetime of slavery? 

There is nothing you are giving up that is worth fearing for.

Why mind fuck yourself and give yourself such a hard time over something that is just an illusion created by our enemy?

On the contrary, you have so much to be grateful for and be happy about when you quit!

The FOMO effect is just an illusion our enemy wants us to have.

This is the strategy he uses to continue to dominate us even after we have stop smoking.

The truth is that the life of a smoker is significantly more stressful than that of a non-smoker. Click To Tweet

Your life isn’t going to be boring after you stop smoking.

In contrast, it is going to be filled with confidence, joy, and a sense of newfound freedom.

The Crazy Ex-girlfriend/Ex-boyfriend

There is so much to celebrate in breaking our love/hate relationship with tobacco.

Being an ex-smoker is infinitely better than being a slave to this bitch. Again, this is a fact.

When I was still smoking, this bitch dominated my life to such an extent that the most important event for me is to smoke the next cigarette.

I was constantly looking forward to it.

Woefully, it was an endless chain. It wasn’t even a cycle. It was a chain that has no end in sight.

This bitch had me in a bloody long leash. 

Nothing else matters much in life except to find the next opportunity to smoke. Click To Tweet

When everyone was slowly enjoying their meals, I gobbled my foods down as fast as I can so I could smoke.

I used to quote smoking as a social stigma but looking back now I wonder how the hell did I associate smoking to being social.

Perhaps, it was just one of the many reasons I gave myself to justify my needs to serve my addiction. 

When everyone was having meaningful conversations, I have to excuse myself every 30 minutes or so to go to a designated smoking area to feed my nicotine addiction.

It sounded more like I was a bitch to a bitch.

This isn’t a definition of a fulfilling life. 

The Truth Is…

We could blame our crazy ‘ex-girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’ all we want but in the end, we only have ourselves to blame.

We could walk away anytime we want, never look back and be happy with our decisions but many times we choose to ‘pity’ our ‘ex-girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’ so we run back to him/her only to be enslaved again.

This is the blessing and curse of our minds.

It is a double-edged sword so we have to be ultra-careful on what we allow in.

Choose to Live a Life of Joy and Happiness

The keyword is ‘choose’ because we all have freedom of choice.

The elements found in tobacco do NOT relieve stress or relax us as many smokers believe.

On the contrary, smoking caused us to become more stressed and nervous.

Take a look at what’s burning:

Poisonous Addictives Found in Cigarettes Infographic by Quit With Nerd
Over 4,000 chemical compounds are created when you smoke

Your life isn’t better when you inhale these additives into your body:

If you are keen, read these articles to find out more the harmful chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes:

  • Cancer.orgHarmful Chemicals in Tobacco Products
  • Cancer.govHarms of Cigarette Smoking and Health Benefits of Quitting
  • FDA.gov What’s In a Cigarette?
  • Lung.orgChemicals in Every Cigarette

I not using scare tactics to scare you but to merely show you the truth for the truth.

It is what it is.

Be a Happy Non-smoker

I wish for you to stop believing in the lies our enemy wants us to have and start living a life of freedom that you so truly deserve.

Stop taking an illusion for reality and reality an illusion. Click To Tweet

Start seeing the truth as the truth and the lies as the lies. 

I believe when you change your mindset on how you associate cigarettes, you will surely be a HAPPY NON-SMOKER.

When I say change your mindset, I don’t mean for you to fantasize make-believe.

I’m asking you to accept the fact that you have NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN. 

This is the truth and no one… I mean NO ONE… not even smokers or the nicotine bully could ever argue with that fact.

The only person that is stopping you from being a happy non-smoker is… you. 

Share This

Share this post with your loved ones who have just stopped smoking but isn’t happy about his/her decision.

My hope with this post is to put a stop to the lies that our enemy wants us to have and open our eyes to see the truth.

We have nothing to ‘give up’ and everything to gain by kicking this addiction.

Celebrate each moment of being smoke-free and stop being so hard on yourself. Why give yourself such a hard time over lies? 

I pray that you will be a happy non-smoker for the rest of your life.

I hope I have been of service. 

Cheers to a richer, healthier and better you! 

Jeremiah Say

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