18 Best Natural Remedies to Help You Quit Smoking

18 Best Natural Remedies to Help You Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can be a daunting challenge, but it’s one of the most significant steps you can take toward improving your health. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that everyone is unique and what works for one person might not work for another. This is why it’s beneficial to know about various approaches, including natural remedies that can aid in your journey to becoming smoke-free.

In this post, we’ll explore 18 of the best natural remedies that can help you quit smoking. These include traditional herbs, dietary changes, and holistic practices that have been shown to reduce cravings, manage withdrawal symptoms, and support overall wellness.

From classic techniques like acupuncture and hypnotherapy to lesser-known aids like Lobelia and St. John’s Wort, there’s a whole arsenal of natural tools at your disposal.

So, let’s dive in and learn more about these nature-based allies in your quest to quit smoking.

Top 18 Natural Remedies to Assist You in Quitting Smoking

AcupunctureThis traditional Chinese medicine technique can reduce cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms.
Black PepperInhaling its vapor can mimic the sensation of smoking and reduce cravings.
HypnotherapyIt can help change your perspective towards smoking and strengthen your will to quit.
St. John’s WortThis herb is often used to manage depression, and it may also help with nicotine withdrawal.
Fresh Lime JuiceLime can be a good substitute for nicotine cravings when you’re trying to quit smoking.
LobeliaAlso known as “Indian tobacco”, lobelia can make tobacco taste terrible and thus reduce your desire to smoke.
OatsAn age-old remedy used to quit smoking, oats reduce the craving for nicotine.
Essential OilsEssential oils such as lavender, chamomile, and peppermint have been shown to effectively reduce cravings and help manage withdrawal symptoms.
LiquoriceChewing on a liquorice stick can satisfy your urge to smoke and is a healthier replacement.
GingerGinger can help reduce nausea, a common withdrawal symptom in those quitting smoking.
PeppermintPeppermint has a soothing effect on the nerves and can significantly reduce cravings.
CloveThe strong flavor of clove and its calming effect on the nerves can help fight cravings.
ExerciseRegular exercise can reduce your desire to smoke by reducing cravings and improving mood.
ValerianIt’s a herb that can help reduce anxiety and stress, making it easier to quit smoking.
GinsengIt can prevent the dopamine release in the brain that happens because of nicotine, reducing your desire to smoke.
Sunflower SeedsChewing on these can distract you from the urge to smoke.
HoneyHoney is an excellent remedy for managing the cessation process of smoking. It contains beneficial vitamins, enzymes, and proteins, which help in giving up the habit of smoking with ease.
Green TeaOne of the most effective remedies for those wanting to quit smoking is green tea. The antioxidants in green tea help detoxify the body, making it easier to quit smoking.
Please note that while these remedies can be helpful, it’s important to seek professional medical advice before starting any new treatment.

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture to quit smoking naturally

Acupuncture, a practice integral to Traditional Chinese Medicine, has been used for centuries to balance the body’s energy flow or ‘Qi’. This powerful natural remedy can be an effective tool in your quest to quit smoking.

It involves inserting thin needles at specific points on the body to stimulate self-healing, relieve stress, and promote relaxation. When it comes to smoking cessation, acupuncture may help by reducing cravings and easing withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and restlessness.

Moreover, it can help detoxify the body from nicotine and promote overall well-being, making the journey to a smoke-free life smoother and more manageable.

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2. Black Pepper

Black Pepper to quit smoking naturally

Black pepper can be a surprisingly effective natural ally in your journey to quit smoking. When you inhale its vapor, it mimics the sensation of smoking, which can help curb your cravings for a cigarette.

The sharp, spicy aroma of black pepper can distract your senses, reducing the urge to smoke. Moreover, black pepper is known for its detoxifying and antioxidant properties, which can support your body as it readjusts to the absence of nicotine.

By incorporating black pepper into your quit strategy, you’re not only replacing an unhealthy habit with a healthier one but also aiding your body’s recovery process.

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3. Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking naturally

Hypnotherapy is a powerful natural remedy used to help individuals quit smoking by addressing the subconscious mind. It works by inducing a state of deep relaxation, allowing the therapist to suggest positive changes, such as associating smoking with unpleasant feelings or reinforcing the benefits of quitting.

These suggestions can alter your perception of smoking, making it less appealing. Hypnotherapy also helps manage withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings by teaching relaxation techniques and coping mechanisms.

By targeting the psychological aspects of addiction, hypnotherapy can be an effective tool in your smoke-free journey.

4. St. John’s Wort

St. John's Wort to quit smoking naturally

St. John’s Wort, a plant known for its mood-enhancing properties, can be a significant aid in your mission to quit smoking. It has been used traditionally to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

When you stop smoking, your body experiences nicotine withdrawal, which often triggers feelings of stress and mood swings. St. John’s Wort can help manage these emotional challenges by promoting a sense of calm and well-being.

However, it’s important to note that this herb may interact with certain medications, so it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare provider before starting this natural remedy.

5. Fresh Lime Juice

Fresh Lime Juice to quit smoking naturally

Fresh lime juice can be a valuable natural remedy in your quest to quit smoking. Nicotine withdrawal often triggers cravings for sweets, and lime juice’s natural acidity can help curb these cravings.

Additionally, it’s packed with vitamin C, which can bolster your immune system as it recovers from the harmful effects of smoking. The act of preparing and consuming the lime juice can also serve as a distraction during moments of intense cravings.

By incorporating fresh lime juice into your daily routine, you’re not only combating cravings but also promoting overall health during your path to quitting smoking.

6. Lobelia

Lobelia to Quit smoking naturally

Lobelia, also known as “Indian tobacco”, can be a useful natural remedy in the process of quitting smoking. It contains a substance called lobeline, which is believed to have similar effects on the body as nicotine, but without the addictive qualities.

The use of Lobelia can help reduce cravings for nicotine and alleviate withdrawal symptoms, making the transition easier. Additionally, Lobelia can induce nausea if smoked, thus discouraging the act of smoking.

However, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before using Lobelia, as it can have side effects and may interact with other medications.

7. Oats

oats to quit smoking naturally

Oats can be a beneficial natural aid in your journey to quit smoking. They contain compounds known as avenanthramides, which are potent antioxidants that can help repair the damage caused by smoking and support overall health.

Additionally, oats have been traditionally used to help soothe nerves and reduce anxiety, common symptoms experienced during nicotine withdrawal. They also help to stabilize blood sugar levels, which can fluctuate during the quitting process, leading to cravings.

By incorporating oats into your daily diet, you can manage withdrawal symptoms more effectively and keep cravings at bay.

8. Essential Oils

Essential Oils to quit smoking naturally

Essential oils can be a powerful natural ally in your journey to quit smoking. Certain oils, like black pepper and angelica, have been found to reduce cravings for nicotine.

Inhaling black pepper oil, for instance, can mimic the sensation of smoking, thus providing a healthier coping mechanism during moments of craving.

Angelica oil, on the other hand, has been said to induce a distaste for tobacco. Additionally, oils like lavender and chamomile can help manage stress and anxiety, common withdrawal symptoms experienced when quitting smoking.

Essential oils can be used in various ways, such as through a diffuser, in a bath, or applied topically with a carrier oil. However, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment regimen.

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9. Liquorice

Liquorice to quit smoking naturally

Liquorice is a natural remedy that can assist in the process of quitting smoking. The sweet, strong taste of liquorice root can help curb nicotine cravings, as it provides a satisfying alternative to the oral fixation often associated with smoking.

Additionally, it has been suggested that liquorice has detoxifying properties that can aid in the cleansing of the lungs and respiratory system from harmful substances accumulated during smoking.

Chewing on a piece of liquorice root or drinking liquorice tea can help manage cravings and support overall health during the quitting process.

However, prolonged use of liquorice can lead to side effects, so it’s important to use this remedy in moderation and under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

10. Ginger

Ginger to quit smoking naturally

Ginger can be a potent natural aid in your quest to quit smoking. It’s known for its powerful anti-nausea properties, which can be especially useful in managing the nausea that some people experience during nicotine withdrawal.

Additionally, ginger can help soothe an irritated throat, a common symptom among those who are trying to quit smoking. Furthermore, the strong, spicy flavor of ginger can serve as a deterrent for cravings, offering a distraction from the desire for a cigarette.

You can incorporate ginger into your diet in various forms, such as fresh ginger root, ginger tea, or even ginger candies.

11. Peppermint

Peppermint to quit smoking naturally

Peppermint can be a refreshing and effective natural remedy to assist in quitting smoking. The strong, minty flavor of peppermint can help suppress the taste for tobacco, making cigarettes less appealing.

It also has soothing properties that can help relieve the stress and anxiety often associated with nicotine withdrawal. Moreover, peppermint is known for improving oral health and breath freshness, providing an additional incentive to quit smoking.

You can use peppermint in various forms, such as peppermint tea, chewing on fresh peppermint leaves, or using peppermint essential oil.

12. Clove

Clove to quit smoking naturally

Clove is a potent natural remedy that can be beneficial in quitting smoking. Its strong, distinct flavor can help distract from cravings and reduce the desire for nicotine.

Additionally, clove contains eugenol, a compound with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe the throat irritation often associated with quitting smoking.

Moreover, clove has been used in traditional medicine for its calming effects, which can be helpful in managing the stress and anxiety related to nicotine withdrawal.

Clove can be used in various forms such as clove tea, clove oil, or even chewing on whole cloves.

13. Exercise

Exercise to quit smoking naturally

Exercise can be a powerful natural remedy to aid in quitting smoking. Regular physical activity can reduce cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms. The endorphins released during exercise can help combat the mood swings often associated with nicotine withdrawal, creating a sense of well-being and positivity.

Exercise also promotes better sleep, which can be disturbed during the initial phase of quitting. Additionally, the prospect of improved physical health and fitness can serve as a strong motivator to quit smoking.

Incorporating a regular exercise routine, whether it’s brisk walking, cycling, yoga, or any other form of physical activity, can significantly support your journey to becoming smoke-free.

14. Valerian

Valerian to quit smoking naturally

Valerian is a natural remedy that can be effective in quitting smoking. Known for its calming and sedative properties, valerian can help manage the stress, anxiety, and restlessness often associated with nicotine withdrawal.

It may also improve sleep quality, which can be disrupted when quitting smoking. Furthermore, some believe that valerian can help reduce the desire for nicotine, though more research is needed in this area.

Valerian can be used in various forms, including teas, capsules, and tinctures.

However, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment regimen, as valerian can interact with certain medications and may not be suitable for everyone.

15. Ginseng

Ginseng to quit smoking naturally

Ginseng is a powerful natural remedy that can assist in quitting smoking. It’s believed to reduce the dopamine release associated with nicotine, thus diminishing the pleasurable sensations of smoking and helping to curb cravings.

Additionally, ginseng is known for its stress-relieving properties, which can be beneficial in managing the anxiety and stress often linked to nicotine withdrawal. Furthermore, ginseng can boost energy levels and improve mood, counteracting the fatigue and mood swings that might come with quitting smoking.

Ginseng can be consumed in various forms, such as teas, capsules, or powders.

16. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds to quit smoking naturally

Chewing sunflower seeds can be a helpful natural remedy in the journey to quit smoking. The act of chewing and spitting out the seeds can serve as a distraction, keeping your mouth busy and reducing the urge to smoke.

Sunflower seeds are also rich in nutrients like magnesium, which has been shown to reduce nicotine addiction by affecting the part of the brain that controls this dependency.

Moreover, they are a good source of niacin (vitamin B3), which is known to help detoxify the body, including flushing out nicotine. However, it’s essential to choose unsalted sunflower seeds to avoid excessive sodium intake.

17. Honey

Honey to quit smoking naturally

Honey can be a beneficial natural remedy in quitting smoking. It’s packed with beneficial compounds and nutrients that can help the body recover from nicotine withdrawal. Honey is rich in vitamins, enzymes, and proteins, which can enhance the body’s healing process after quitting smoking.

Additionally, it can help soothe the throat, reducing the irritation and coughing that often accompany smoking cessation. Honey can also serve as a healthier substitute for the sugar cravings that some people experience when they stop smoking.

However, it’s important to consume honey in moderation due to its high sugar content.

18. Green Tea

Green Tea to quit smoking naturally

Green tea can be an effective natural remedy to aid in quitting smoking. The antioxidants present in green tea help detoxify the body, aiding in the elimination of harmful toxins accumulated due to smoking.

Additionally, green tea can help manage weight gain, which is a common concern for many when quitting smoking. It’s also known to have a calming effect, helping to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with nicotine withdrawal.

Drinking a cup of green tea when cravings kick in can provide a healthy distraction and alternative to reaching for a cigarette.

My Top Picks: Black Pepper & Green Tea

As someone who’s been on the journey to quit smoking, I’ve found great allies in Green Tea and Black Pepper.

Drinking Green Tea has been a revelation for me. It’s not just about the soothing ritual of sipping this antioxidant-rich beverage. The compounds in Green Tea are believed to help detoxify the body from nicotine, making it easier to break free from its grip. Plus, it keeps my hands and mouth busy, which helps me resist the urge to light up.

On the other hand, Black Pepper has proven to be an unexpected but effective tool. It’s been suggested that the sharp, spicy scent of Black Pepper can mimic the sensation of inhaling cigarette smoke, helping to quell cravings. Whenever I feel a strong urge to smoke, I sniff a jar of ground Black Pepper or chew on a peppercorn.

This combination of Green Tea and Black Pepper has significantly helped me in my ongoing journey towards a smoke-free life.

What are Natural Remedies?

Natural remedies are therapeutic practices or treatments that rely on substances found in nature, such as herbs, foods, or essential oils. They are often used in holistic and alternative medicine to support the body’s natural healing processes.

In the context of quitting smoking, natural remedies can play a crucial role. Certain foods and beverages, like milk, can make cigarettes taste less appealing, reducing the desire to smoke.

Essential oils, such as Black Pepper and Angelica, can help manage cravings and stress, two major triggers for relapse among people trying to quit smoking.

Herbal teas, like Green Tea, can assist in detoxifying the body from nicotine.

Regular physical activity is another natural remedy that can help reduce cravings and improve mood.

While these natural remedies can be beneficial, it’s important to remember that quitting smoking is a complex process that usually requires a comprehensive approach, including behavioral therapy and medical treatment if necessary.


Each of these natural remedies has unique properties that can help curb nicotine cravings, detoxify the body, or alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Some people also find it helpful to chew on raw carrots or other veggies as a distraction when cravings hit.

While these remedies can provide support, it’s important to remember that quitting smoking is a personal journey and what works best may vary for each individual.

Always consult a healthcare professional before starting any new regimen.

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